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Secured Venture Capital Program

Sagona Consulting reveals its investment strategy mitigating Limited Partners’ investment risk in venture capital

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Sagona Consulting has developed on behalf of venture capital fund, Sagona Europe Equity SCSp, currently raising capital, a new approach to invest in venture capital deals enabling Limited Partners (LPs) to mitigate their high exposure to risk while investing in seed and early-stage companies and still benefiting from high returns generated from those non-listed companies.   

Based upon the financial engineering expertise of Didier Dippe, Sagona Consulting's CEO, who had already developed a structured product combining venture capital and EMTN 13 years ago, Sagona Consulting has been able to articulate a new investment strategy in order to guarantee and secure 60% of capital invested by LPs and thus limiting their risk exposure to 40% only instead of 100% while fully investing in VC vehicles or entities.    

This strategy combines venture capital investment for which Sagona Europe Equity SCSp has been developing long-term relationships with investment firms and major clusters, universities, incubators and accelerators worldwide to nourish a quality dealflow and a structured product issued, guaranteed and secured by one of the largest U.S. banks.    

We believe in focusing on selecting promising companies and providing them with operational and strategic support - thanks to the expertise of our team composed of seasoned and bold entrepreneurs and our expert network - are one of the main key factors to be successful in this industry. Using this financial scheme Sagona Europe Equity SCSp can offer any LP an estimated rate of return of 10.94% p.a. (net management fees) according to average performances of both VC investments and underlying assets of the structured product.   

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